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Vehicle Type Identifier System

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  • Release date:2019-02-21
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  • Vehicle Type Identifier System is used for identifying vehicle axles, wheelbase,

    axle load, axle group, vehicle length, width and height, speed, vehicle license

    plates and other information when in tr***eling, as well as traffic flow information,

    the solution will depends on different needs of customers.

    Identify the number of axes and single or double tire

    System composition: Wheel Identifier and infrared vehicile separator (or ground sense coil)


    1. Charge by vehicle type.

    2. Sources governance system installed in the front of the weighing platform. for

       identifying the vehicle axles.

    3. Used for the logistics park, parking entrance, or particular intersection to statistic traffic flow.

    4. Automatic card-issuing system.

    Combine with the weighing charging system to identify the number of axle, single or double tires and axle group


    1. The toll station was charged both by the weight and vehicle type.

    2. Overlimit checkpoints precise and automatic Identification of overload

    Identify of axles, wheelbase, axle load and license plates etc


    1. Toll station entrance, to record the vehicle weight charge and other vehicle type  information into card.

    2. Logistics park entrance or someplace like that, for vehicles and other statistical management.

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