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  • Release date:2019-02-21
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  • Quartz formula weight and charge system is composed of quartz sensor, infrared vehicle separator, wheel identifier, controllers and display.Among them, the weighing sensor is the core part, it ranged on theroad of toll station in accordance with layout trail.

    1.Quartz Sensor:

      Quartz sensor is a kind of sensor using quartz piezoelectric effect to measure weight.Quartz sensor is consists of a number of quartz ranged closely and assemble in aluminum alloy cabinet in accordance with certain layout.

    2.Wheel Identifier:

      The wheel identifier consists of several separate piezoelectric sensors, each piezoelectric sensor corresponding to a separate passageway, it calculates tire width based on the number of detected compression sensor firstly, and then calculates axles by  weighing system,then to recognize vehicle models.

    3.Infrared vehicle separator:

      Infrared vehicles separator consists of two parts, one is infrared tran***itter and the other is infrared receiver, to realize the vehicles information separated automatically.

    4.Charge Amplifier:

      It collects charge of quartz weighing sensor and converted to voltage signal.

    5.Weighing Module:

     It analyzes charge amplifier input signal, and concludes axle, wheelbase,axle speed, vehicle model, gross weight and other information.

    6.Weighing control indicator:

      Weighing module receives and displays vehicle information, and uploads the relevant data to the toll system.

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